Accommodation and Flights

We know some attendees will require accommodation, with a number of people also needing to book flights.

We recommend checking Skyscanner for flights and accommodation. Skyscanner happens to be our Venue sponsor, but that is not the reason for the recommendation, it is a great way to check for the best prices. Give it a try.

We also suggest trying for places to stay.

Between the above two options you should be able to find everything you need and hopefully get a good deal in the process. If you were thinking of comingĀ  but are on the fence, check your options, as it might help you make up your mind. We would love to have you join our WordCamp!

Feel free to use Twitter, Slack, and the comments section to share and discuss other options, especially if you have already arranged everything you need.

Our Wapuu wanted to tell you how lovely Edinburgh is, especially when he is playing the Bagpipes! Even astronauts are getting in on the act…